Thursday, November 18, 2010

Type of ALOS sensors ( Panchromatic sensor, Multispectral sensors, Radar sensors)

ALOS has three sensors on the satellite that consists of panchromatic sensor, Multispectral sensors and Radar sensors with details as below: :

1. Panchromatic sensor, named PRISM. It's like aerial photography, resolution 2.5

2. Multispectral sensors, called AVNIR-2. It's like ASTER or Landsat.
AVNIR-2 consists of 4 bands VNIR, 10 m spatial resolution

3. Radar sensors, called PALSAR. It's like RADARSAT or TerraSAR-X but
with a lower resolution, 10 m up to several tens of meters depending on the mode retrieval of data.

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